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Useful Cycling Laws

Useful Cycling ”laws”  from Oregon

Req  6. Here is a compiled list of reasonable cycling state and local laws  

Four Basic Principles

1. Maintain Control of your bicycle.

2. Ride on the right with traffic in a predictable manner

3. Be visible and ride alertly

4. Protect yourself with a helmet.

Lights are required when riding after dark.

A bicycle is a vehicle. In most cases, the rules of the road for drivers are the same for cyclists.

Ride on the right, the same as traffic

Stop at Stop Signs and red lights. Don’t run yellow lights.

All bikers under sixteen are required to wear a helmet. All bikers over 16 should know it’s best to wear a helmet.

Never ride against traffic.

You must stop for pedestrians in a cross walk.

In general you should not ride on a sidewalk.

You are required to stop for a stopped school bus

Bicycles are banned  on interstates