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COVID-19 Updates

What to expect from Pack 319

S= Supervision
Understand local and state guidance on preventing COVID-19 exposure.
Engage your chartered organization and local council on necessary adjustments.
Conduct the “before you gather” protocols.

A = Assessment
Identify participants who fall under the CDC’s group of higher-risk individuals.Notify all participants about the risks of participating since COVID-19 exposure cannot be eliminated.
Verify that the planned activity, gathering or group sizes are not prohibited by local or state orders. 

F = Fitness and Skill
Review Annual Health and Medical Records and consider using a pre-event screening for all participants.

E = Equipment and Environment

Verify that hand washing, hygiene and cleaning supplies are available and used properly.
Monitor social distancing, interactions and sharing of equipment and food among participants.
Monitor participants for changing health conditions.
Use the “as you gather” protocols.

For more information on COVID-19 prevention in the BSA Please click here